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First of all I want to stress that inside Affiliate Promo Formula you have everything you need to start succeeding as an affiliate, but what if I could speed up your success even faster?

Look, the fastest and easiest way to become successful at anything in life is to closely follow someone who is already successful… and then model EVERYTHING that they do.

But how can you closely model someone on the internet when there's so much secrecy and behind-the-scenes stuff going on that you never get to see?

Well, keep reading because I'm going to show you how you can not only copy everything that I'm doing behind the scenes of my business…

…but I'll also work with you personally to build your affiliate business in the shortest possible time with the least amount of effort.

"I am Looking For a Select Number of Determined Affiliate Marketers to Join my Private Affiliate
Mastermind Group And Work With me Personally"

Now, before you go any further I must warn you that everything revealed inside my private mastermind must stay private! This is also a strictly closed doors membership, and once we've reached capacity I won't be letting any further members in.

I call it my Affiliate Promo Formula Alliance… inside you'll gain access to my very latest techniques and strategies that I'm developing on an ongoing basis.

Here's exactly what you'll get inside...

Live Case Studies.
I am going to provide ongoing case studies of all my major affiliate campaigns during 2011. In these case studies you will see the products I am promoting in real time, my reasons for promoting, my bonus offerings, launch schedule, etc. This will be a perfect opportunity to 'watch me in action' throughout 2011.
Real Value: $197.00+

Mastermind Group Training.
I am going to come out of my comfort zone for this one as this is something I have never done before. Throughout 2011 I will be holding exclusive mastermind sessions. These sessions will be held live and we will discuss all things affiliate marketing related. This is a perfect opportunity to get interactive with myself and all members Affiliate Promo Formula Affiliate Alliance members. 
Real Value: $97.00 Per Group Session
Monthly Training Modules.
Each month I will provide you with training material in the form of Video and Audio to walk you through some of the most revealing and profit pulling affiliate techniques. I will also reveal what websites and promotions are earning the most money for me as an affiliate and take you behind the scenes. These modules will cover everything I am currently working on and more. Once again you will be watching over my shoulder throughout 2011 as I work as an affiliate.
Real Value: $67.00pm
Inside Information to Some of The Hottest launches of 2011.
As an affiliate who has been placed on many leaderboards I receive early notice to some of the hottest launches out there. I will be revealing these launches as soon as I am aware of them to all members. This will enable you to discuss launches and plan your promotions effectively.
Real Value: Priceless
Exclusive Affiliate Promo Formula Forum Access.
All Affiliate Promo Formula Affiliate Alliance members will have exclusive access to a members only forum. In this forum we will work together to discuss all affiliate marketing related material. I really cannot stress how important an exclusive members only forum is. Here you will be able to find affiliate partners, discuss tactics, share strategies and talk about your upcoming promotions.
Real Value: Could be $1997.00 or More
Personal Support and Advice During a Product Launch Promotion.
As you know I personally know how to promote a big launch, well as an Affiliate Promo Formula Affiliate Alliance we can discuss your affiliate marketing campaign. I will analyze your strategy and help you achieve the best results possible from your efforts.
Real Value: $197.00+ Per Promotion
And Much Much More...
My plan is to make Affiliate Promo Formula Affiliate Alliance one of the best affiliate resources on the Internet. I want you to be so delighted with your membership that you write me a glowing testimonial.
Real Value: Let me Know When Your Write Your Testimonial :-)

I am so Sure That You Will Love Affiliate
Promo Formula Affiliate Alliance, That I'm
Prepared to Shoulder 100% of The Risks

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I must stress due to offering my personal services I have to limit membership. Once membership reaches capacity I will have to close the doors so act now!

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I understand that I will have access to 12 monthly training modules as well as other training materials where you reveal some of your most closely guarded affiliate secrets.

I also understand that I will have access to 12 live monthly training modules where I can interact with you and the other mastermind members via live group sessions.

I'll have immediate access to the members only forum that will enable me to interact with other members as we grow together.

I'll also have the chance to work with you personally throughout my membership and that you will be showing me some of your most effective affiliate campaigns in real time.

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